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Last updated: April 12,2020

This Privacy Policy describes the information that is collected and used when you use In Contact With. By using In Contact With you acknowledged that you accept this Privacy Policy.


In Contact With allows the user to create a list of the people they have had face to face contact. In Contact With is an app developed by Jaime Torres. Jaime Torres does not collect any personal data when you use In Contact With . In Contact With will locally access your contacts to display your contacts so you can select the person you had contact with. The selected person contact info is locally saved in the app, the information saved is the name, last name, phone number and the time you had contact with that person. Jaime Torres will not have access to your contacts or selected contacts saved in In Contact With. The information is only saved locally in your phone, if you want to remove a contact information from In Contact With simply swipe left on the list and tap the delete button.


If you have the option of sharing analytics, diagnostics and usage information enabled in your device Privacy settings anonymous non-identifiable data will be sent to App Analytics when you use In Contact With. This data includes crash data as well as statistics about how you use the app, this data is collected by Apple, Inc. and stored on Apple’s servers. Jaime Torres can access the data via iTunes Connect, App Analytics. If you don’t want to share your app usage statistics information and crash data with App Analytics you can go to your device Settings and disable the Analytics options in the Privacy section. For more information on Apple’s User Information collection please refer to their Privacy Policy at


At my discretion, I may make changes to this Policy. You should check here frequently to know the updates to this Privacy Policy.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy please contact me through the contact me form at my support website: 

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